Welcome to the ANKLe network

ANKLe is a women’s development network. We meet regularly in large or small groups, in and around the London area, the South West and Nottingham.

Our purpose is to enable women, who are either in a leadership role in their own right or involved in helping others to lead effectively, to:

  • have access to a support network of like-minded women with whom they can share their experiences in order to learn from them
  • provide opportunities to study leadership development research and ‘best practice’ and develop A New Kind of Leadership for the twenty-first century
  • provide a supportive, thinking environment where they can work on their own real issues, experiment with new ideas and find practical solutions which they can then apply for themselves.

Membership is by personal invitation to those who subscribe to our values of authenticity and integrity in the expression of a new kind of leadership in our everyday lives, and who have personal awareness and experience of leadership.

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"I know they will challenge me and help me face up to my fears… "

"it’s a movement which makes a difference by developing and endorsing formal learning opportunities which contribute to a new kind of leadership…"

"a place where I can trust the quality, the breadth and the depth…"