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Stanton Miller is a London based boutique recruitment agency for business support. Using modern and effective methods of screening, our agents focus on understanding your needs from a candidate in order to find a pairing that suits both parties in the long term.

As a boutique agency, working principally in London but also fulfilling requirements international for London headquarter clients, we appreciate that flexibility is key, we therefore ensure that each selection process is bespoke to your needs.

Our clients range from international banks to prominent figures, and as such we understand the importance of discretion. We operate a fast turn around, no names policy and we take care to arrange discreet locations for our interviews. Each interview is tailored to ensure that candidates always fit the role.

Stanton Miller has your needs covered.


" I couldn’t recommend Victoria Miller and the SMR team more enthusiastically. This was a real life-changing meeting. Having trawled the internet sending out endless applications (for a year) to recruitment consultants, I got lucky.

The only recruitment consultant to see potential in me and reply was Victoria. Within five days I was put forward for an amazing role, had the interview and was ultimately offered this fantastic job. As well as working efficiently to obtain my position within the company I now work for, Victoria helped coach me and worked through every detail of the process so that I would stand the best chance of being awarded the position.

The first ever recruitment consultant, the first interview and I am ecstatic with the outcome. I hope not to use Victoria again as that would mean I am leaving the company I wanted so much to be a part of. However, I urge everyone else to contact her and let her help you to achieve your dream job."

" I am absolutely speechless! I cannot thank you enough for taking a chance on me and putting me forward for this role. This is going to be a whole new step into a wonderful future."

Victoria was extremely helpful to me – changing jobs is stressful at the best of times but Victoria took the time to listen to my story and really understand what I was looking for next and – very importantly – what I most definitely did not want. So many recruiters see only the job and not the person they are putting IN to the job. Victoria is refreshingly different.

"Just thought would write to you as I think about you and how you helped me get my motivation back to believe in myself and the industry I wish to enter. You helped me so much and I really appreciate what you did for me.

I went on to work at this incredible company, which made me remember my love for the industry.

With your positive and enthusiastic passion for your job it really helped me realise where I could go if I push myself!

So I thank you for everything, it may have been a little boost but it helped me more than you know."

Victoria guided me every step of the way and really pin-pointed what I wanted to achieve in my career. I couldn't recommend her services more highly.

Victoria was a pleasure. She is a highly efficient, organised and goal orientated recruiter who set out to find me the best job possible and I am now working in a great company that I would never have been introduced to if it hadn't been for her determination and hard work. She is a great recruiter who really cares about her candidates and will not stop until she delivers results. I would definitely use her again

" Victoria has been a pleasure to work with. Victoria head-hunted me for a position she thought I would be a really good candidate for. It could not have been better. This was the challenge I was looking for. Victoria has interpreted the needs of the employer very well and matched it very accurately with my profile. After meeting with Victoria, she was convinced that I had the required knowledge and experience. Extremely efficient and very quick to act, Victoria has been a delight to deal with. I would highly recommend her services and would not hesitate in using SMR again in the future. hopefully not too soon."

I have consulted with Victoria Miller for several years and it has always been a positive and productive experience. Victoria is an excellent and confident recruiter. She listens to both her clients and employees’s, needs and acts specifically to the task. Victoria is honest and professional as well been approachable and very helpful in giving advice. I have great faith in her ability and look forward to working with her again in the future

Victoria has a great energy about her and always relishes a challenge. She is intelligent, highly responsive and fully committed to the task at hand, working tirelessly to achieve her objectives. Victoria does not like to fail which drives her to succeed and possesses a ‘can do’ attitude.

Victoria is very good at her job. She take the trouble to really know their client and their needs and then, through her extensive networks, finds the right connections. Victoria Millers business instincts are excellent but she also cares about her clients too as individuals in their own right. A magic combination.

        " Oh amazing! You have landed me a wicked job! "

Victoria Miller


Victoria Miller has been in the recruitment industry for a number of years. After starting out in 2007 working for a worldwide top ten recruitment agency, she soon became one of their major UK consultants. Victoria considers the most important aspects of business to be integrity, passion and transparency.

Experienced in international recruitment, Victoria is adept in working with High Profile, Private, Wealth Management, VIP, Prominant Figures, HNWI, UHNWI, Corporate Clients & Luxury Brands. Victoria is a headhunter who will not fail in finding you either the perfect candidate for your company or your perfect new job.

victoriamiller@stantonmiller.com | +44 (0) 745 0253728

The Team  

Here when you need us

Carole Naunton


Carole Naunton graduated from the University of Southampton with a Bsc (Hons) in mathematical studies. Carole worked for 10 years as an Insurance Underwriter in the City. Now an active fundraiser for a number of local charities, Carole has now joined the Stanton Miller team.  

carolenaunton@stantonmiller.com | +44 (0) 203 720 2951


Working with us.

Stanton Miller focus on the details. We place specific emphasis on understanding your needs and which candidates would best suit them.

We have a rigorous approach to selecting the strongest candidates, our insight and understanding into what makes a good assistant help us choose the most suitable people for you.

The Selection Process

Every client has different needs and therefore we appreciate that each selection process requires a different approach. We design a bespoke package for each client to ensure we get what works for them.

Psychometric Testing

Do you need someone who will take the lead in any situation? A creative genius who can still be practical? Or a real team player, capable of drawing the best out of disparate characters?

We can offer psychometric profiles of your prospective employees. Every portrait is unique to the individual, takes 10 minutes for the candidate to complete and results in a highly-personalised portrait which accurately maps out their persona and helps you determine whether they are the ideal fit for your company.


Choices, chances, changes

Are you a candidate with a wealth of experience? or do you just feel you have the qualities to enter a career with one of our clients? Either way we see your potential.

We offer training, coaching, guidance and networking events to ensure you have the greatest chance of achieving your dreams. We take you through a “phase of transition”, taking your current potential and turning into a career.

Once registered with Stanton Miller you will receive regular news updates on the job market, discounts and access to all our tips in achieving in these elite industries. We also offer a variety of exciting events to all registered candidates.

Whether it is permanent or contract work you are looking for, we can work with you. We have an extensive portfolio of unique clients with some of the world's most interesting roles.

You must make a choice to take a chance for you to change your life”

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If you are interested in applying to register with Stanton Miller Recruitment, please send your CV and a short statement about yourself to recruitment@stantonmiller.com. We offer extremely competitive referral fees for introduction to new business or successful candidates. Please note that all information we hold is treated as confidential.

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