Pilotis Pod

Bullet provided a full interior design service for the groundbreaking exhibit at Grand Designs Live. Bullet also provided key items for the Dome House shoot Grand designs Channel 4 November 3rd.

Kevin’s own green favourite outside his selected “Green Heroes” at Grand Designs this year is the low-tech Pilotis pod by Gaukroger+Partners. Such pods are made from English Chestnut shingles and have a ribbed timber frame. Accessed by a bridge constructed of timber and recycles plastic milk bottles, they are raised off the ground by Douglas Fir stilts to reduced heat loss in winter and aid cooling in summer. They could be the start and answer to our housing industry needs. It’s exciting stuff and with the next few days packed with seminars and debates on saving energy, low carbon housing, renewable energy and more, this year’s Grand Designs is shaping up to be greener than ever.

As Kevin points out, “Sustainability is about the survival of the human race.”

Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/house-and-home/interiors/green-designs-set-the-tone-at-grand-designs-1964113.html